When procrastinators do things for you

Cherish them. It means you mean a lot to them which is why they have bothered to move their lazy asses. JUST FOR YOU. On the other hand, never let procrastinators arrange a birthday party for you. Never. Unfortunately, my friend and I both fall in the same category and yet we have taken this … Continue reading When procrastinators do things for you


Because a wall post just won’t do anymore

I truly hate the internet at times. Is it necessary to wish your ex-best friend happy birthday, by dedicating your status to her because a post on her face book wall is oh-so-2011? And then converting your best-possible (if there are any at all) selfies into a collage and uploading them along with the status? … Continue reading Because a wall post just won’t do anymore

Say what?!

I was in a hurry today. So maybe the rickshaw driver isn't entirely at fault. You see I had to post this letter immediately. So I asked him to take me to the nearest TCS office. Off we went. He whizzed his rickshaw from this street to that and to another one and a few … Continue reading Say what?!