Not-so Gandhi’s Monkey

I live in a spacious villa with four other people. Funny how the presence of people with negative aura can make you feel suffocated in such an open space. My roommate is lovely. I thank my lucky stars for her. She's always upbeat and is super passionate about her guests, like me. She's the definition … Continue reading Not-so Gandhi’s Monkey

Who knew Karma was watching?

Bitches and Assholes are common in every work place. There's always that co-worker/s that you just can't stand. Unfortunately, I have a whole team of people I would rather strangle with my bear hands than agree to work with. Most of the bitches and assholes at work have been here since before I was even born. You … Continue reading Who knew Karma was watching?

Male Red Riding Hood

My hotel's brand logo's color is red. Red as in dark red. Rouge. So at least one piece of clothing in our uniform has to be red. The girls wear red shirts while the boys have red ties. Mind you, their tie color totally sucks. It might just be the shade but I would have … Continue reading Male Red Riding Hood