Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection

I am awfully exhausted after a French class that I clearly failed to make a good first impression in but I just had to get these thoughts out: On the way back home today, I was thinking about a conversation I had had earlier with a friend of mine about people not being confident enough … Continue reading Confidence, Insecurity & Perfection



I was just going through Britney's blog and decided that her questions were too good to be left unanswered. On the risk of allowing y'all to know more about me, I'm going to answer all of them. Truthfully. Promise! The Questions: 1. What are you wearing? Lime colored T-shirt that actually makes me think of … Continue reading TMI TAG ANYONE?

I am a fan of grown men in fur coats

As I was writing my Blog Tember Challenge talking about Westlife I had two flashbacks. One was of me, sitting in a room at the house in Lahore I grew up in, lying on the bed with the room locked, music on full volume. The other was an image of the girl who tortured me … Continue reading I am a fan of grown men in fur coats

Blog Tember Challenge: Day Four

And keeping up with tradition, I have missed another post. *pats self on back*. See, I told you i can't keep up. Blog topic for today is.... Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations! Don't know if I can classify myself as a Pandora … Continue reading Blog Tember Challenge: Day Four

5 celebs who look hot with mustaches

Ryan Gosling If you have seen The Notebook, you MUST be a fan. He is undeniably one of the finest actors that we have who doesn't look too bad unshaven! Brad Pitt A guy who needs no introduction, I'm sure. But in all honesty, doesn't he look a bit like Robin Thicke? Channing Tatum You … Continue reading 5 celebs who look hot with mustaches