Cuninglingus(almost) at work

Note: This post was originally titled Bonding with you boss but I changed it to Cuninglingus at work to attract all you naughty people. Ha ha. I never have a dull day at work. NEVER. No matter how bad my day is going, there will be always something  happening to make me laugh like a … Continue reading Cuninglingus(almost) at work


Sorry I ignored you, Taylor Swift

Dear everyone who has ever read any post of mine, If i ever offer any advice of any sort to you, on this blog or in person, please do NOT listen to a word i have said. I say this with a very serious face (which you can't see because I don't do Vlogs. It … Continue reading Sorry I ignored you, Taylor Swift

I have got these feelings for you

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name. Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex. … Continue reading I have got these feelings for you

Things I love about work

Arabic guy approaches reception Him: Salamalaykum Me: Walaykumsalam Him: Arabic or English? Me: English Him: *a long dialogue in arabic that I can't make out even if I tried* Me: I don't speak in Arabic! Him: How much is one room for one night for two people? Do you offer breakfast too? *delivered in perfect … Continue reading Things I love about work