I am not your “Bro”

To people who are texting me and ending their sentences with "bro": You are annoying the fuck out of me. Just because I don't say it out loud doesn't mean you can use it multiple times in sentences. My one word replies should tell you that I really want to block you but I am … Continue reading I am not your “Bro”


I work in the hospitality industry and because of this unfortunate circumstance I am expected to be nice to people because I have "PEOPLE'S SKILLS". WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Every day I have to make a choice: to live up to the expectation of others or to disappoint them greatly. It's a very hard choice to … Continue reading MUST STOP TALKING

Raise your hand if you can’t swim

So if you didn't know this, I should tell you now: I don't know how to swim. Why? No one was bothered to teach me. And I never was interested. But I thought that it is high time I should learn to swim. Who knows, if war breaks out I might have to swim across … Continue reading Raise your hand if you can’t swim

How I feel about “Feels”

I feel that Calvin Harris should no longer be allowed to make music. First of all, I don't know why all of it sounds so good. I don't know what secret formula he has to make such catchy songs. Second of all, his latest song "Feels" should be banned. I can't sleeep, I can't go … Continue reading How I feel about “Feels”

Praablam customer

I am thinking of suggesting my training manager to send our employees to Karwa's main office, in order to better our customer service skills. Have you ever been in a Karwa? I am in awe of the way they treat their customers!* I recently took a trip to Villagio and decided to visit one of … Continue reading Praablam customer

This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

We have come to the point in our lives where everyone who works for a decent enough company has a whatsapp work group. The group that is "ting-ing" all the time because there is "Oh so much to share". I wake up to it and I sleep to it. There are people messaging in the … Continue reading This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

Hey you, future hotelier!

Dear you, You. You there who wants to pursue a career in hospitality! I know what you're thinking. You'll complete your degree and land a job in a five-star hotel and everything would be hunky dory. Your guests would adore you and sing your praises. Your boss will love you and grant you extra holidays. You'll get … Continue reading Hey you, future hotelier!

Did anyone say sleazeball?

I love swearing. I do. It comes naturally to me and if I can swear in front of you, then you know we are really, really tight. Having said that, I refrain from swearing while at work. With the guests, I mean. Not my team mates. OF COURSE NOT. Are u kidding me? They need … Continue reading Did anyone say sleazeball?

The Power Of Our Tits

I saw my new uniform yesterday and though I don't look that bad in it because my face is nice, I hated it. The sole reason to get us out of coats and make us wear nice, smart blazers was to ensure that girls looked like girls with girlish bodies and men looked like men … Continue reading The Power Of Our Tits

If You Murder Someone..

It's gonna come and bite you in the ass. Specially, if you call up a director and let him make a documentary on it. That's what happened to Robert Durst.The film All Good Things is inspired by the life of Durst and the murders he allegedly committed. The movie shoes a young , wealthy man named … Continue reading If You Murder Someone..