Oscar nomination: ME

I see all these Oscar nominations and what not and it makes me think what really makes all these movies eligible for awards when there are so many people out there who deserve an award for the work that they do? I am not talking about Abdul Sattar Edhi. I'm talking about people like me: … Continue reading Oscar nomination: ME


Did anyone say sleazeball?

I love swearing. I do. It comes naturally to me and if I can swear in front of you, then you know we are really, really tight. Having said that, I refrain from swearing while at work. With the guests, I mean. Not my team mates. OF COURSE NOT. Are u kidding me? They need … Continue reading Did anyone say sleazeball?

What to do when an employee talks back..

So, the question of the day is what to do when an employee talks back? Well.. Or you take that mother fucker by his collar, shove a glow-in-the-dark dildo so fucking far up his ass that his mouth emits lights instead. But no. I can't do that. I can't do that because it would reflect … Continue reading What to do when an employee talks back..

5 Hospitality Rules That Can Go Fuck Themselves

I have lived L'hotel life long enough to write this post. I have dealt with such varied personalities over the years that I feel it's safe to say that I'm finally starting to understand humans and how twisted their minds are. Hospitality is one field where no rules are applicable, and new ones are being … Continue reading 5 Hospitality Rules That Can Go Fuck Themselves

Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook

So I have been meeting a lot of nice foreigners at work lately.This week I met my crush, a guy from Canada and someone from France. It started in that order of importance. Funny how things change.   I was beyond excited about my crush arriving. The day of his arrival, I went to work … Continue reading Why you should only stalk but not add on Facebook

When your boss promotes his mistress

Okay so she's not exactly his mistress, just rumored to be. Several colleagues have witnessed them leaving work together and eyebrows have been raised over my boss's biased attitude towards her. But still, it's a strong word with a stronger meaning. I really shouldn't use it...too bad it makes for such a catchy title. The … Continue reading When your boss promotes his mistress

Male Red Riding Hood

My hotel's brand logo's color is red. Red as in dark red. Rouge. So at least one piece of clothing in our uniform has to be red. The girls wear red shirts while the boys have red ties. Mind you, their tie color totally sucks. It might just be the shade but I would have … Continue reading Male Red Riding Hood