Do women really want to be treated equally?

Ever caught yourself wondering whether the only reason you're vouching for female equality is because you're afraid you might be looked down by other feminists if you don't? I admit, I have. The first time that thought stuck me I was in my sociology class, which constituted of a feminist, a non feminist (rather Marxist) … Continue reading Do women really want to be treated equally?


Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook

My news feed is filled with Gaza related statuses and most of my native buddies have replaced their pouty-faced profile pictures with others that show support for Gaza. These trends, these freaking trends. They always start as being okay at first, but sooner or later turn into leeches that suck my blood whenever I see them.This is definitely the sooner case. Since it is … Continue reading Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook

Does Katy have no soul?

I have been a fan of Katy Perry since "I kissed a girl". No, it wasn't because I had fantasies of my own to kiss a female (or did I?) but I have always liked people who are bold and are not afraid to speak their minds (dirty or otherwise). I have been a fan … Continue reading Does Katy have no soul?

Save my country, please!

I am not patriotic. I never support the Pakistani national team, whether it's cricket or hockey. I think going to heavily booked cafés when they show cricket matches on big screens between the two rival teams, Pakistan and India is a waste of time. I don't wear a mini clip of Pakistan's flag with my … Continue reading Save my country, please!