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Oscar Predictions 2016

Despite vowing to make full use of my half-annual leave, I am pleased to announce that so far I have done nothing I planned for and hope to continue my stride of unproductive-ness until I finally go back to work. Meanwhile, I thought it would be oh-so-nice if we could all make predictions about who […]

Creative Blogger Award

Really? Me? I’m such a mess I don’t know if I deserve it but thank you so much for thinking of me, Akankasha, for nominating me! The rules be simple: Thank the person who nominated you. Flaunt the blogger award badge on your blog Nominate 15-20 other blogs And tell them five facts about yourself […]

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Liebster Awards

Yet again, I have been nominated for another award by the fabulous Ritu! She’s amazing and a total sweetheart and I can’t thank her enough for this 🙂 I was looking forward to being nominated despite having to write a long, exhausting post, I wanted to let others know that I have met a lot […]

Liebster Award Again!

I try to not obsess over it, but my stats for the last few days have been awesome. Seems y’all are being very good job at being loyal readers. Love y’all. I have been, yet again, nominated for the Liebster award by a very humble, very sweet blogger named Adi, whom all of you may […]

The Lovely Blog Award

Tis the season for more awards, lalala lala lalala laaaa! I have been nominated for The Lovely Blog Award by my dearest, English mate with eyes that would make Jared Leto shy away: Amanda from Inside The Life Of Moi. Y’all know her and if you don’t, well that’s a pity. Read about why she quit Facebook […]

Liebster Award!

And just when I was wondering when the award season is going to come..I got nominated for the Liebster Award. AGAIN. By not one but TWO of my lovely blogger friends: The ever so sweet Britney and the wonderful Mishali. Thank you so much to both of you 🙂 The rules are as always: 1. […]

The Liebster Award

Yet another award! Oh how happy these awards make me 😀 Big thank you to Brie for nominating me. She’s a talented young writer and is a way better blogger than I am. Proof? She has two amazing blogs i.e C’est moi and Bri’s literary giants that you really need to check out! Rules: 1.Thank the person who […]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I like to think I’m getting a bit famous here. Can’t complain. I’m loving every minute of it. If I’m really getting famous and if this is all not in my head. This is my third Oscar..oh I mean blogger award that my wordpress-friends have nominated me for. It’s none other than Ronovan who nominated […]

Spread the awards!

Do you know that feeling when you login to WordPress and the tiny little box on the top right side is orange? Don’t you just love it? I clicked on mine hoping to read another comment or like. Guess what? I have been nominated for an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been nominated by the beautiful Amanda […]