About “Health”

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine when he mentioned that a friend of his was very keen on using olive oil only. To his friend, this was a deal breaker and he insisted with his femme that everything consumed in the house shall only be eaten if it is prepared in olive oil. I remember sitting in the passenger seat and thinking “Should I tell him how I feel about oil?”

I started reading about nutrition in September of 2017 when I made a wonderful friend who changed my life. Normally, that is the kind of thing you say for someone you’re in a romantic relationship with. But he changed had an impact on another very important relationship in my life: the relationship I have with food.

Back then, if McDonalds had a membership I would have been a platinum member. But after I watched a documentary called “Super Size Me’’ even the thought of McSpicy made me physically sick.

Ensuite, I read a number of books that advocated a plant-based diet and what I read I found quite interesting and logical. I tried to do it but failed because I thought it would be easy. It was not. I was not prepared. So I thought it would be easier to take baby steps than to jump in all at once.

But the real question is was I being healthy? What does being healthy mean?

With the ever increasing number of diets that surround us,it is no surprise that people are confused af about which diet to go for. Not to mention the controversy around “Good’’ & “Bad’’ foods. Eggs, anyone?

There is no conclusive answer. Studies do show that people who eat plant-based diet are better off than those who don’t. Not to mention that it is well documented that eating a plant-based diet leads to reversal of many diseases. Still, when a lot of vegans YouTubers started eating meat, I did question my own idea about “healthy foods”.

I personally don’t adhere to the idea of following a diet but I like to eat real foods. Not processed, just food in its basic form.

I don’t think you can go wrong with eating greens. But that’s just me.

You never know, I might end up with one of these.


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