Bye eggs!

I often wonder, is breakfast the most important day of the meal or is this just something the cereal companies came up with?

I am not sure if it is. I think the idea is to encourage people to have a healthy, big meal so that they would have more energy throughout the day.

For me, for a long time, breakfast always meant eggs. Our breakfast selection at the cafeteria at work includes omelette, weird looking things called pancakes, rice, some lentils, foul madamas and hot dogs with capsicum. Out of all this, I only ever ate omelette.

The problem began when I quit eggs.

Image result for oh boy gif

And it took me a long time to give them up. I really loved them soooo much.

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But the best way to quit something is to replace it with something else.

Note: Rule doesn’t apply to ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends.

I bought a blender and started to make smoothies. And I started having oatmeal made with water, along with a fruit and nuts (almonds or raisins). It did take sometime to get used to but now that I have, I can’t go ever go back to eating eggs again.

Yes, I get up at 6:00 a.m to make sure I have enough time to make my breakfast. But do you know something? I’d rather get up early, make my breakfast and feel full of energy rather than feel dull the entire day.

Every time I have a non-plant based breakfast, I continue to eat non-plant based all day. Maybe it’s only me. But since I have noticed this pattern, I stick to eating healthy.

And actually, I love making breakfast for myself. I really enjoy taking the time and effort to prepare a nice meal for myself.


But seriously, though.

Not only are they easy to make, but oats are a great source of fibre. If you’re having trouble with digestion, you must add it to your diet.

For me, smoothies are a delicious way of getting my protein and daily dose of greens in. I always add chia seeds (protein source) as well as spinach or kale to my smoothie.

So if you’re looking to make the leap to a healthier diet, start with a healthy breakfast. Always remember, healthy eating is not as difficult how we make it to be.

Plus if you would like some oatmeal recipe, please do ask me. I am declared the Queen of Oats recipe amongst my friends.

Just kidding. They all make fun of me for having oats with pineapple.

Hey, I like the taste, okay?



Your thoughts?

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