No more PJs on the weekend

Where I live, people don’t like dressing up at the weekend. They think that because they are off from work, they are also off from themselves.

We dress up only when we have to go to work or out, but not when we are on our own. We won’t dream about going to work without our make up on but it is okay for us to not even bother with our hair on the weekend. Why? Because when we know we are going to be seen by others, we want to look our best. Why not look our best, for our self as well?

This a common problem and I used to suffer from it too. Thank God for enlightenment.

Let’s get one thing straight: By dressing up, I do not mean a Lady Gaga outfit.

Image result for lady gaga gif

I just mean having a shower, putting on fresh clothes and dressing up like you would on a normal day.

I know, I know, we all want to be ”comfortable” on our days off from work. But how about going for the ”pretty & comfortable” look instead of the ”homeless & comfy” look?

Image result for kaley cuoco gif exhausted

I often wonder, do my clothes have an effect on me? Do I feel more confident when I know I am wearing something that looks pretty on me? I totally do!

Even on days where I feel a bit blue, I always take the effort to dress well. I might add on an extra accessory, my ring necklace or an earring from a loved one, to make me feel a little better. It’s always the small things that are neglected the most but it’s so weird because they count the most.

You do not have to dress for other people. But you must learn how to dress for yourself.

I am not asking you to put on six inch heels or wear your most glamourous outfit. Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to look like a model going to a fashion show. Simplicity is key.

So if it’s weekend where you are right now, for God’s sake, put on a pair of fresh clothes right now!


Your thoughts?

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