WFPD: Your New Year’s Resolution

I am sure that by this point I have pissed off all of my friends because I can not shut up about being healthy as well as eating healthy.

For me, eating healthy is not about having a large salad bowl one day of the week. Healthy eating must be consistent for you to feel better as well as to see the positive changes it brings about.

I am all about following a whole food plant based diet or a mostly plant based diet.

A plant based diet focuses on consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grain, nuts and legumes and avoiding or excluding completely dairy products, meat, chicken, fish, and highly processed foods. It is much more than that which I will hopefully explain in the upcoming posts.

A small note: The person who coined the term, ”Whole foods plant based”, Dr. T Colin Campbell, does not prefer using the word diet. I heard in an interview that he would rather replace ”diet” with ”lifestyle” since a diet might imply that this it is temporary. I completely agree with him but just for the purpose of this post (and more to come), I will be using the word diet.

And no it’s not the same thing as a vegan diet. I might write a post about that. (Or you can just google it).

It all started with a friend’s recommendation of books and documentaries and it would be fair to say that it changed my life.

I was not the ideal candidate for this type of diet. Most people who switched to a plant based diet were experiencing problems like obesity, other diseases or a chronic illnesses. But just because I was lucky enough to not be suffering from a health problem, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t live my life in the healthiest possible way.

It is true that we only ever really take care of our health, when something is wrong with us. Unless we have a heart attack, we are not going to stop smoking. Unless we are so over weight that we risk losing our lives, we are not going to change our eating habits.

Why is that? Because that is human nature: we take our blessings for granted. In this case, our health.

Related image

Besides health reasons, this lifestyle has helped with other things.

For example, no more pimples.

Image result for pimple gif

I have read a lot that dairy contributes to acne, but I never had acne (just a few pimples here and there) so I am not quite sure what food type it is that helped me, but I have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of pimples living on my face.

I do get one, once in a while, if I use too much make up or forget to take it off before bed.

Eating healthy has also motivated me to work out every day. I don’t feel like working out every day, but I make myself do it and always feel so better afterwards.

Image result for prevention is better than cure

And now, I don’t totally detest cooking. In fact, I love watching recipes on YouTube and recreating them. Sometimes it works.

Image result for cooking disasters gif

But most importantly is how I feel mentally about all of this. Knowing that I am taking care of my body, outside and inside as well, the best way I can makes me feel great.

So if you’re looking for a new year resolution, why not try a whole food plant based diet- at least for two weeks?

Who knows? It might change your life.

For the better.


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