This is not a ”New year, New me” kind of post

And isn’t it too early for that kind of thing, anyway?

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Since the last few months, I have been making a lot of changes to my lifestyle and diet. Part of this I owe to my very kind Irish friend who introduced me to the plant based diet.

Part of this I owe to the fabulous ”Danna” whose videos I religiously watch every day. She’s fantastic, her videos are creative and so motivating. She does these 12- week challenges where you set one main goal and six daily goals that you must complete every day. The daily goals help you create a new healthy habit and now, I never leave the house without making my bed. If you are starting a vegan/plant based diet or are looking to create a healthy lifestyle in general, do check out her YouTube channel.

Here’s a link for my favourite video of her with a killer pancake recipe that you ought to try:

With that, I have been thinking about this blog. In the beginning, this blog was just a place to write about everything and anything. As much as I have loved doing that over the past three years, I’d like to make a few changes.

I’ll be bitching less about the crazy people at work and talk more about health, healthy lifestyle and plant based related topics.

Okay, you got me, I will STILL bitch about work, but less often.

The next category will be about Qatar and all the good & bad things about living here with a few reviews of restaurants and events that take place here. I hope by this I would be able to reach other bloggers in Qatar.

I still can’t decide on the last category: Self care or skincare? I love taking care of my skin but I am not sure what works for me will work for other people and I don’t want to give wrong advice to someone so I will probably wait for some suggestions until I decide on the third category.

I might also add a video every now and then. I apologize in advance for my un-edited video and clumsiness you’ll witness live. And definitely more pictures.

And yes, I am thinking about changing my blog name. I have something in my mind but I am still open to suggestions. I will be waiting until end of next week to change it. Any suggestions for a blog that does not have a niche but talks about health, beauty and Qatar?

Probably ”The blog that no one wants to read”.


That won’t be so funny if it was true. But then again, writing really helps me feel better about myself. It is also the reason I bought this very expensive laptop because I am too weird about writing on me cell phone.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

P.S I really am looking forward to receiving suggestions about a new blog name. I have zero ideas.



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