Ghosting is the new Dating

Swipe right, perfect match, with firework-like chemistry- you feel like you have hit the jackpot.

You convince yourself that it is okay to spend half your salary on your lame coffee dates (where the coffee wasn’t always how you like it) and dinners at restaurant with super over priced food. Words are exchanged, some true, some too good to be true but you believe them anyway because you think everything in real life happens exactly as it does on Grey’s Anatomy.

Image result for mcdreamy gif

And the one fine day, they’re gone.

Pretending to be dead, while posting crazily on Instagram and snapchat.

I mean, for FUCK’S SAKE

if you have got an intrinsic need to be an asshole that ghosts people, try and be more convincing!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you must be on some other planet where everyone has dropped their balls and have the courtesy to properly break up with someone.

You know, in France, when a long relationship comes to an end, the person who breaks up with you has to give you a parting gift.

France, here I come!

If I can’t have the man, the cadeau de rupture would do.




Your thoughts?

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