My nails look better than my face

I’m serious. I will also end this post with a picture (not of my face- which some of you have already seen, but of my nails).

My girlfriend and I went to a Salon to get our nails done. You see, we wanted to pretend we live well and spend time taking care of our health and body, specially our nails. I think we pulled it off.

This is also THE most girlish things I have done in a while. I don’t know what happened to the tomboy my mom raised.

Image result for tomboy to girly girl gif

When we went inside, I aimed directly for the chair you’re supposed to sit in when you get a pedicure. Politely, the lady asked me to sit on the other side. Actually, I’m not sure if she was polite enough because she said ”Chair for pedicure only” very loudly, which made everyone look up at me- poor girl who had never been to a salon.

I had no idea what it actually meant to have gel nails and I still wanted to do it. Isn’t it weird? To not know shit about something and still have the desire to do it? Like that time a co-worker took a spoonful of wasabi because he wanted to try something “new”.

I thought a special gel type liquid will be applied to our nails with the use of a machine. And I was more sure of my theory when they put up surgical masks as if there was an operation to be conducted (I know why they put it on- but at the time, I wasn’t thinking straight). Oh well, at least I was right about the machine.

But to be honest, it is less of a machine and more of a box with UV lights. I felt so wrong putting my hand in there, like placing your hand in  a place that it doesn’t belong in. Do not ask me why.

I am guessing the sole purpose of the machine is to dry the polish and make it stick. Not to mention the possible risk of cancer growth. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT HEALTH ANYWAY?

This is what they did: Spray my nails with a clear liquid, file them, put base coat, machine, the actual colour I chose, machine, another coat of red, machine and final coat. That’s it.

She did finish off with a nice hand massage. Only I hate being touched by strangers.

Image result for i don't like being touched gif

I am in love with the result and for once, I don’t have to worry about chipped nails.

But would I do it again? No.

The experience was lovely and I don’t mind paying more than 100 QR once in a while, but I’m turned off by the UV lamp.

But for the coming two week? I’m going to flaunt my nails!


P.S If you’re in Doha and want to know where to get nails like mine, I can give you the details. Just didn’t feel like mentioning the name of the Salon in the post since this is not a review.


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