Feminist? Oh, je ne sais pas

Sometimes I want to say mean things  about someone who’s black. But I worry about being projected as a shallow girl who discriminates on the basis of color to people who will read my posts. So I don’t say anything at all. But the truth is maybe I just wanted to say bad things about the person because he is a bad person. No matter the skin colour. Or the nationality. Or the sexual orientation. Or the gender. Or anything.

I think the world has become extremely sensitive over the last few years. You can say bad things about white people, but if you say something negative about people of color, or someone’s who’s gay, and everyone looks down upon you as a racist or a homophobe.

If I call someone dumb, who just happens to be black, that’s not being racist. However, if I assume all black people are dumb, that’s racist. But people don’t get that.

Say something in favour of men? It is assumed that you hate women, that you’re not a feminist, that you support men over women.

A Pakistani actress/singer called Misha Shafi accused a singer Ali Zafar for sexual harassment. Ali denied the claims and it is to be settled in court.

Someone asked my opinion on the topic and I casually said, ”I don’t know who is right”. This, of course, was not received well.

Why don’t such people also say ”Oh, I want to know your opinion but let me tell you what your opinion should be..”

The next question asked was ”Are you not a feminist?”. To which I also replied, I don’t know.

But allow me to explain, mon Cherie.

There’s a difference between saying ”I don’t know” and saying ”I think the girl is lying”. I actually don’t really know much about either of them. She has received criticism for not having any proof (seriously?) and has been accused of doing this for publicity

But because this case will be taken to court, and you have no idea how awful this situation really is in Pakistan specially for women, I don’t think she would go to through hell just for her ”fifty seconds of fame”.

Here’s my dilemma; I don’t see why a woman would lie about something like that. But just because she is a women, can I really assume, that she’s telling the truth? Would I have the same reaction if the situation happened to a man? I don’t want to be gender biased, in any case.

So my view is; I wasn’t there. I don’t follow either of them. And I really don’t know what kind of sexual harassment was it. So my opinion is: I don’t know.

Which simply means I don’t know. But there I was, stuck being an anti-feminist in a feminist’s eyes.

About being a feminist, it is quite tricky to say if one is or not, since there are numerous definitions of the word. I also don’t particularly enjoy labels. I do believe in equal rights for everyone, no matter the race, gender, color or sexual orientation etc. I don’t think they have invented a label for a person who has such beliefs.

Oh, I know! Maybe it should be called ”being a human being”?

Your thoughts?

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