My AC is trippin’

If it’s not shitting ice, it’s tripping. If it’s not tripping, it’s always shitting ice. Always acting up, piece of shit. Piece of shit that I thankfully don’t have to pay the bills for.

Image result for thank the lord gif

I spent the entire morning watching YouTube videos about Plant Based Meals. So far, I have liked none. I want something easy.

Easy as in not having to cook at all. Like not having to touch the fucking oil at all. Like coming from the store with groceries and then voila! Everything cooks on its own.

God, I am lazy. My kids will starve.

Speaking of God, I re-watched ”The Rite” last night. It’s a 2010 movie with Anthony Hopkins about demons, exorcism, and faith or absence of it. Trailer here. Favourite quote below:

Image result for the rite quotes

Anthony Hopkins is the boss. Love him.

I am also listening to a recording of Cillian Murphy on a radio show last night. His taste in music isn’t half bad. I’d give him an 8.

Image result for cillian murphy gif

I have got the whole day off. I have no idea what to do with it.

Hopefully, I’d try my hand at cooking. The next post would be about how many dishes I burnt.

Image result for gordon ramsay good luck gif


Your thoughts?

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