Is there a relationship between self-esteem and the likes on my posts?

After my last post ‘Botox or boob job’, I noticed that there were more likes on this post than on the one before. (Can you imagine? The last one was about sex and no one read it)I always thought that likes on any of my post don’t really matter. Or do they?

A day later, WordPress notified me that my stats were looking better. In other words, YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE OFTEN.

But I wondered, were my stats really better? Were they really?

I am not sure how they calculate those things but it’s possible that the spike in the stats was because of ONE new reader, who read a few of my other posts. Well, I am not sure if she read them all, but she left a like for all of them.

Related image

Would it really matter if no one read it? I remember I used to say that I didn’t write for others, that I wrote for myself. So why does it bother me if no one likes a post that I wrote?

We all have that annoying friend who gets upset if no one likes their Facebook profile picture. I used to think that forcing people to like your post shows you need validation from other people to feel good about yourself.

Image result for no one likes my posts

And now I feel like I am in the same boat. (Well, at least I would never ask anyone to force like my posts).

Why is it that when I have a new follower and I go over to their blog, I don’t even comment because I see the huge number of people who follow them and that  sixty eight people have commented on their post and having or not having a sixty nine commenter wouldn’t really make a difference.

Also, I don’t want to be number sixty nine.

Do likes on your post really matter? Do I use the praise for my writing to feel better about myself? Is the number of likes or comments directly proportional to the quality of the post? What makes a post good, the material or the number of likes? And if it’s not the latter, then why are we so obsessed with ”likes”?


Your thoughts?

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