Botox or boob job?

I was having a casual conversation with a long time friend of mine, when she mentioned she is contemplating getting a filler. Naturally, an eyebrow was raised.

Image result for raising an eyebrow gif

I tried to raise one. I don’t know if I succeeded.

She’s a model. So I wonder why someone as good looking as her would want to alter her appearance. But I am sure my friend is not alone and her desire for getting fuller lips, or pouty lips if you prefer, is shared by most females her age.

So what is the reason?

Is it insecurity? Is it an obsession to resemble the Kardashian sisters?

Related image

Or should we regard it as  a trivial attempt to enhance our natural features?

Natural is not the best. And I will slap anyone who says it is.

In a world where we are judged solely for our outer appearance, where no beauty commercial promotes natural beauty, you expect me to believe natural is the best?

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It’s such a lie, it makes me laugh how many of us believe it. Trust me, I don’t like my face when I have just woken up after an ten hour bed rest and neither would you. That is why we have make up; to cover those dark circles and make our face ”acceptable”.

But there’s make up. And then there’s plastic surgery. Putting on make up is not quite as drastic as administering a needle in your lips to make them swell!

But  if it is only to enhance one’s features, where does it stop? And how do we make a distinction between what is acceptable and what isn’t?

Are boob jobs any more bizarre than Botox?



Your thoughts?

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