A short post about elevator maintenance room

Ever wondered what sex would feel like in a weird place? Say…an elevator maintenance room?

Well, I have never.

But I have heard what it feels like.

Image result for awkward sex gif


You must have a blanket or a sheet to lay down on the floor. Unless…..

………..you’re planning to do it against the wall.

Sometimes your hearts stops because you hear a noise only to realize it’s just the elevator  going up and down.

NOTE: You can hear everything being said in the elevator. it’s almost as if you’re next to them. So when you hear kids playing around, you wonder if they are actually outside the room ready to bust in and see you in an unpleasant position. Unpleasant for them, I mean, while you’re having the time of your life.

You also freak out a bit when you discover there is absolutely no lock on the door. But not enough to back out of it. Lust conquers all I guess.

It gets really hot. If the AC is not on. Really, really hot. But does that stop you from going a second time?

Image result for awkward sex gif

Also, if you moan a bit, it echoes a lot.

But there’s something incredibly exciting about having sex in a place where you can be caught. Probably the prospect of ending up in jail..





Your thoughts?

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