The 30 day cake story

So, there was a cake in my fridge. I assume it was caramel. It was untouched. It was for the birthday of a housemate. And it was living in the fridge for one month. I say living because it had acquired a housemate status by now.

When I came back from Tbilisi, I was absolutely disgusted at the sight of the fridge. Not only was it full, but the cake occupied most of the space.

So I did what any sensible person would do: I threw out the cake.

Since it was already sitting on its ass for a month without missing a piece, I assumed no one wanted to eat it and the “owner” had probably forgotten about it.

Boy, was I wrong..

I removed it on the 16th. My housemate noticed it yesterday. People started coming up to me to tell me she was looking for me. So I called her up.


“Why did you throw my cake?”

I couldn’t believe that she actually needed me to spell it out to her why I threw her EXPIRED cake.

“..because it has been in the fridge for over month. You couldn’t have eaten it now, it is so old..”

“No, but why did you throw it?”

I don’t think she thought that it was expired.

“Umm.. like I said, it is old. I see it every day sitting in the fridge for the last thirty days.”

“But I see a lot of other stuff in the fridge that is expired.”

“Well done. You have a good eye! Do you mind throwing it? Is that all?”

“No, but it was given to me by my boyfriend and you didn’t even let me take a picture and you threw it!”

I was very confused at this point. Why hadn’t she taken a picture? Why hadn’t she eaten it? What was she saving it for?

Instead, I was polite and said:

“I’m very sorry about that. was there for a month and I had to throw it because it is most likely inedible by this time”.

“No but my boyfriend..”

So the argument went back and forth for a while and I thought to myself if she really was listening to herself.

Till now, she hasn’t talked to me. Because I threw a cake that probably had fungus by now. I don’t know. Can a cake get fungus?

Today in the morning when I asked her if she’s still upset over the issue, she continued to say that I had purposely thrown her cake out. I did say I am sorry but she thinks that I had a personal vendetta against the cake.

She might be right. I do not have a sweet tooth. That might be why I threw out the cake with fungus.

Or maybe I just think expired items should be in the bin, not the fridge.

What do you think?

P.S Maybe it’s the former

P.S2 maybe I’ll get her one of these:


Your thoughts?

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