Today, I saw an email sent by one of important people that work for the company. The email is very nice, very professional, great ideas, yada yada yada.

Except for one problem:

The email has hashtags in it. For some reason.

I am confused.

Image result for i am confused gif

It is an OFFICIAL email. 


It is not meant for marketing purpose. BECAUSE IT IS SENT TO EMPLOYEES.

And you’re the VP. And..you should know better.

So you added hashtags in the email to..what? Sound cool? Sassy? Like a teenager? Well, you achieved that target. SPOT ON.

I mean, my question is simple:

Image result for why gif

4 actually. Just noticed the two at the very bottom.


But I guess when you’re a VP everything is okay, right? Can’t wait to be one.

#likeseriously #soannoying #ihatehashtags



Your thoughts?

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