I work in the hospitality industry and because of this unfortunate circumstance I am expected to be nice to people because I have “PEOPLE’S SKILLS”. WHATEVER THAT MEANS.
Every day I have to make a choice: to live up to the expectation of others or to disappoint them greatly. It’s a very hard choice to make. Because I don’t like people. At all.

And I keep asking myself why did I choose this career? Why don’t I shift somewhere where I don’t have to pretend that I am okay when I am not? I’m NOT a cheerful person. I don’t know why people hire me. (But I am glad that they did because I love Doha. Yeah yeah, I can hear the haters flipping out. Whatever).

Do you know that there are days I don’t want to talk to anyone but my guests? I’m paid to talk to people so I gotta do that. But on such days I don’t have the energy to talk to people. Phone conversations are bearable but face to face? I am going to throw up.

And why is it that only on those days people at work pretend to care about me?

It surprises me that year after year of working with people, and these people they still don’t get when someone is not in a mood to talk. It’s always “What happened?” or “Why are you so low?” or “Do you need coffee?”

Impossible. They just don’t fucking get it.

Even if you look like you’re going to kill them, they would still go on.

Even if you look like this.

Get a hint.

Your thoughts?

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