How I feel about “Feels”

I feel that Calvin Harris should no longer be allowed to make music.

First of all, I don’t know why all of it sounds so good. I don’t know what secret formula he has to make such catchy songs.

Second of all, his latest song “Feels” should be banned. I can’t sleeep, I can’t go to work without playing this song 100 times and I keep trying to learn the rap at the end. 

This song has been absorbed by my brain cells in a way I can’t explain.

This song is destroying me.

Also, Pharell Williams should not be allowed to collaborate with other great artists. He should probably stop using the word artist to describe himself because he is a magician.

And about Katy Perry…I don’t even know how with bright yellow hair and a bright yellow dress someone can still look so sexy.

I strongly feel that the video should be banned because with artists like Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Big Sean AND Pharrell..its just too much to handle.

Please watch the video to Feels at your own risk; it is highly addictive.


Your thoughts?

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