My AC is shitting ice

Fasting in Qatar is way better than fasting in Pakistan. No matter how hot it is outside, inside your home, your office, your car you always have one thing to count on: AC
Unless you have my luck and your AC gives up on you. 

Ramzan has crazily messed up my scheduled. I wake up in the afternoon and munch on junk food and watch movies until the sun comes up. That’s when I go to bed.
So, yesterday:

It’s 8:15 am. I can’t keep my eyes open. I reluctantly switch off the movie and turn to my side when I hear something. I looked up to see if it was a cat. 

That is always my first worry.
It wasn’t so I ignored it.

Few seconds later, another strange sound.

Then a cracking sound, like something is about to break, comes from the AC. 
My immediate reaction: You fu****.
My second thought: Oh shit, I forgot I was fasting. 
My third thought: Am I allowed to say “oh shit” while fasting?

I looked up to see that my AC was dropping ice. Or shitting ice. I didn’t know an AC can shit ice, but if ACs could shit, they would shit ice. Right? 

So turned the AC off because a) I need the room to be absolutely quiet when I sleep b) It’s annoying and c) I didn’t want the ice to create a mess on my floor which will somehow lead to me being electrocuted; I have other plans on how I want to die.

And then I didn’t sleep for the rest of the day because we are in Qatar and it is sooooo hot.

When I called the maintenance people, I was at work already but they said they couldn’t put in a request until I told them what brand of AC I have. 
“Because we need to have the specifics”.

Oh I am sorry
. I didn’t know you need a specialist to clean the AC.

That was my original reply in my head but then I thought: “no, remember..Ramzan/Ramadan !” so I just said I would call them back.

I called my housemate, who called my other housemate to find out which brand the AC was. And when I called the maintenance company again, this time they didn’t even ask for the brand and politely informed me that the request will be completed with 48 hours.

So I slept downstairs on the couch because there’s no way I could hear them coming if I slept in my room. Also, because of the fear of dying.

Surprisingly, my couch is very comfy! 

I slept like a baby and I NEVER sleep like a baby. To all my housemates, who saw me in less clothes last night/this morning: my apologies.
And guess what? This sad bastard never showed up. I know because if he did and I didn’t open the door, they would have left a message through the door. But no message, no phone call, nada.

I slept on the fucking couch and this bastard didn’t show up. 

Let’s hope these people show up tomorrow. Or else!*
*Or else I will forever be sleeping with an AC that keeps shitting ice.


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