How is life in Qatar really after the diplomatic crisis?

“What it is like to live under siege?”
I read that headline somewhere. The opening line was about how people are living in Qatar after the recent diplomatic crisis.
Of course, it is true that all business has been affected and will continue to be so unless the countries involved try and come up with some sort of solution. But it’s not like we are under siege!

I think Qatar has done a great job of reassuring its residents that things will remain the same and until now life is pretty decent.

I still remember the first day Saudi announced its decision, people rushed to their nearest supermarkets to stock up on food.
Yeah because that milk you are buying now will still be just as fresh two months from now. Ever heard of an expiration date, son?
And the frantic phone calls from the family members. Even more so in my case ( I’m sure you know my family by now). There was a lot of pressure on me to come back (because obviously going back home to no job, no boyfriend and no NOTHING, is a very smart idea indeed). 
I know my family, on both sides enjoys drama but the extent of drama that I recently witnessed, you know like faking an illness, just to get me home, has left me a bit surprised . I mean, I didn’t know they were so talented!
Remember the headlines about empty shelves and no food in qatar? Well, thanks to whoever ran that headline, I am now required to tell my mom everyday what I had for suhoor and what I had for iftar. Thank you *** or ***, whichever one of the main English news channel ran the news, thank you so much because I just having to give an in depth explanation of the calories I have consumed everyday to my mom. It is what I have always wanted.
But jokes apart, life is fine and I still go for the occasional stroll and life if effing fine. CAPISCE?


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