No, Marion, no!

I have always been a fan of Marion Cotillard. There is no doubt to her on screen talents. Not only because of her looks but also because of her looks. 
I recently saw these pictures online of her much fuller lips, as compared to her original, thin (beautiful) lips:

This is a picture from before:

My first reaction was disappointment. 
I will not turn this into an Emma Watson debate and throw speeches about being a feminist or not being one- I hardly identify with it.
Or a rant about how plastic surgery is bad . I mean, plastic surgery maybe the only option for people with disfigured faces or say, burns over the body. So I can never say I am against plastic surgery; I think it is great. But I am not a fan of the obsession with the surgery.
Remember Heidi spencer after her breast implants when she said she had them reduced because she started looking like a Barbie doll? 



But I think if it was any other actress, I wouldn’t have been bothered. The fact that it’s Marion, is upsetting. I loved her acting skills but also her natural beauty. 
I saw “A good year” and I completely fell in love with how truly simple and natural she looks and yet so breathtakingly beautiful. And you could find me raving all the time about her natural beauty. It also gave me confidence, that yes women can look “presentable” without make up, that it was okay to stop loathing your face with foundation all the time. I am realising now just how much in awe i was of her beauty.
Of course, I am a mere fan and can not judge Marion for her actions. She’s an actress first, and she will be my favourite even if she gets a  boob implanted on her forehead. I can’t say what she has done is wrong or right because I don’t know the complete story behind it.

Maybe it’s the result of the pressure of being in Hollywood? Maybe she’s having a mid life crisis even though she’s not that old? Maybe it’s just temporary injection that will soon fade, therefore making my post utterly pointless? 

Maybe. I don’t know. I do hope so.


Your thoughts?

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