It’s no surprise that we Pakistanis grow up with a great exposure to Indian dance, cinema and music. I am not a fan to be honest but I am familiar with most of them specially those who are considered legends. One of them is Asha Bhosle. I hardly remember any of her songs now but I do remember the image of a mature woman with long black hair.
The restaurant Aasha was discovered quite by accident because a) My Italian friend and I were in the mood for something Italian and b) I couldn’t make out the name at all. The sign is in red but the text design makes it impossible to read.

“Would you like to sit inside or outside? ” the hostess inquired. Actually? The restaurant is inside Villagio so even if you’re sitting outside it isn’t really outside. The “inside”part however was really cool. I quite liked the combination of the orange walls with the cream ceiling. Or maybe i was hit by a small wave of nostalgia; the living room of my house in Lahore had the same colour scheme. 

The walls bared pictures of the singer, some with people I recognised and others with people I don’t. Silver candle holders hung beside these pictures, but failed to create an impression since they candles weren’t lit.

The menu was divided in two; one for appetisers and a separate one for the mains. While we waited for our food, they brought us some crackers with a selection of 3 sauces to choose from. I finished the mint chutney in the first ten minutes.

The food was good, too. Nothing too spicy or too salty as it generally is in places like these.Apart from that, the staff was attentive, offering suggestions and polite. I liked how the manager tried to approach a few tables asking them regarding their meals, though I think he could have come up with a better choice of words.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience without being too hard on the wallet. It also made me think that maybe I should try difference cuisines instead of having sashimi all the time. I was pleasantly surprised to see this restaurant here, in Doha. You see, I thought if a famous singer decided to open a restaurant, they might have chosen a place like Dubai. But who knows, maybe she just wanted to do something different than what others are doing.

This is by no means a review of the restaurant however, I do strongly recommend this restaurant for the ambience and specially the mint chutney!


Your thoughts?

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