I have got these feelings for you

I do not like discriminating against certain nationalities but some people really give their countries a bad name.

Pyramids, for example, works in our Finance department. Finance and Front Office is always at war so it is not surprising that Pyramids and I are not besties. Apart from that, he also suffers Stage 10 superiority complex.

He is often found mentioning repeatedly that he too was once working Front Desk and that he has spent eight years in the hospitality industry. Then he goes on to list the numerous hotels he has worked for as if I am interviewing him for a job. I find him extremely annoying.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s how I feel about him:

Image result for crazy co worker

This photo is self-explanatory for people who know me.

One time, he came around to count cash from the cash float. I came back to see notes of 5s, 10s, 100s and 500s stapled together. Yes, he stapled them together.

What the hell is this?

I made it easier for you to count!

Physical violence leads to termination. That’s the only reason I did not slap him at that time. Till today, he still owes me an explanation about how stapling all the notes together would help me deliver faster service to a guest.

A few days ago, we got into another argument that started because I made a small remark on his math capabilities. I said:

If you can’t do simple maths, that’s not my problem.”

Okay, okay, I guess it was very unprofessional to say that. But that remark hit him deep and the whole thing escalated even further, with him yelling at me and telling me to shut up, yada yada yada.

Today, they called me in their office for more drama. Here, people enjoy making a fuss out of trivial things.

Pyramids did most of the talking; I just wanted to get it over with. What should have taken not more than ten minutes took a fucking hour because Pyramids couldn’t stress enough on the fact that he was right and I was wrong. And that he didn’t have poor math skills.

As we neared the end, Pyramids started saying things like:

You know, she’s the only one I trust at the Front Desk.

For fuck’s sake, please shut up. They are finally ending it.

She’s a very hardworking. I always go to her when I have problem. Because I feel…I feel like I can tell her anything. I feel comfortable with her.

And Zareen, how about you?” FC asked me. “What do you feel?

Me? I feel nothing.

I saw everyone in the room stifling giggles and the meeting was dismissed immediately.

I am sure this is not the last you’ll be hearing of Pyramids. I have a feeling I’ll be writing about him again soon.

Plus, I really love calling him Pyramids

P.S This nickname is courtesy of my ex-roommate. I have nothing to do with the creation of this nickname.



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