Proficient Enough?

I am sure you all are aware of my brilliant scheme to flee to Canada soon. In order to do that I must overcome certain hurdles; one of them is having to take IELTS.

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I am unable to find another GIF that would explain my feelings more accurately.

And why should I give this exam anyway?

English medium school system is dominant in most of Pakistan. I believe all subjects are delivered in the English language, except for Urdu of course (though if the converse was true, i would not be surprised). I remember the pressure my teachers would place on the students to communicate with each other in English, even during lunch time!

When the foreign guests at my previous hotel asked me where I learned to speak English like that I would jokingly say, “From my mother’s womb”. (It is easier to say things like that in English, a foreign language, than to say it in your mother tongue).

But I meant it. Majority of the population in Pakistan equates learning English with success. I think learning any language can be fruitful. The more languages you learn (or learn anything for that matter) will eventually create opportunities for you. But sometimes this obsession with learning English to succeed in life comes off as an insecurity that might have something to do with the British ruling us for so long. I can remember a passage from my history books, when English was made the official language to civilize the locals.

I have nothing against the English language. It is the main medium of all my varied ways of communication. Heck, I was looking for an English translation of the Quran just last week! But not because I want to be successful but because I am more comfortable with English than Urdu.


Even after all those years of being forced to use English at all times, schools, inside home, in front of your relatives, and being able to speak and write considerably well now, I still have to take an IELTS test to “prove proficiency in English language” to a set of Canadians, whose forefathers most likely spoke Russian.

Proficient enough?


PS This post was written after I took my meds.  Please excuse me if I come across as offensive towards my British or Canadians fellows; I love them all.



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