Current thoughts

I like tv series. I love them. I live them. I laugh with the characters. I cry with them too.

As a child, I imagined my life as somewhat of a story in a tv series.

Why did I like it? Because if my life was pathetic, at least hers was not. If I didn’t always end up with the right person, at least she was always ending up with Derek.

Why do we like them? Because they give us unexpected twist and turns? 

Because they are a good escape from reality.

But the thing about tv series is..

Everything is temporary. It’s a half an hour escape from my reality.

But that’s the thing about life:

Everything is temporary as well. Transitory. Impermanent. Ephemeral.

It is not a good escape from reality. It is my reality on a screen.


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  1. beautiful thoughts and current fresh vision…well done…

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