What’s so bad about a Burkini?

If the current sentiments of French people are cold towards Muslim, I don’t entirely blame them. It is hard for us to paint Muslims in a better light for them specially after the Charlie Hebdo incident and all other incidents that followed after.

I was one of those Muslims who strongly condenmed the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Not beacuse I’m anti Muslim or pro French, but because I will never side with injustice done to any human no matter what race or religion or sexual orientation.

Banning Burkinis is one such issue. It is against religious rights. For a country that believes in Equality, Liberty, Fraternity don’t you think that’s the complete opposite?

And what’s so bad about a Burkini anyway? It’s just another name for a wet suit with a headscarf.

Banning of Burkinis might be considered as a response to how Muslim countries behave to foreigners wearing western clothing. For example, if you were to travel to Saudi Arabia, you would never do so in a mini skirt because the law dictates that women cover themselves up completely. So maybe it’s more like a “When in France, do as the french do” thing.

Or it may just be a result of the growing hatred between the two. Like I said earlier, If the French hate Muslims I really don’t blame them for doing so because Islam is linked with terrorism all over the world and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Even if Islam is a peaceful religion, nobody cares because on TV it is not portrayed as such.

To sum it all up, I still think it is wrong to ban Burkinis. I can only best describe it in the words of Ms. Roy:

One thought on “What’s so bad about a Burkini?

  1. I definitely agree that there was no need for the Burkini ban itself. France could have come up with more useful options to empower women. But their political genius only led them to: “Let’s dictate what women should wear so we can teach them that no one can dictate what they should wear”. Ironic stupidity. I just finished writing an article about this same topic. Feel free to visit.


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