Lost loves

Growing up, we use adjectives to describe ourselves. Adjectives we feel strongly about. Music lover. Fashionista. So on and forth. We hold on to these adjectives like anything, like they are engraved into our skins, like we would never separate from them.

And then LIFE happens. You get older. Busier, no time for any of these shenanigans. The words loosing their meaning or being transformed into other adjectives that are now used to describe you.

I used to love watching football. And then one day I just stopped watching. Not because I didn’t have time, but because I chose not to have time.

Watching Liverpool beat the fuck out of Barca 4-0 made me realize how much I loved Liverpool and more importantly, football.

Funny, how we unconsciously yet willingly let go of things we love and then claim to not know who we are anymore.


One thought on “Lost loves

  1. They not only beat the fuck out of Barcelona, they overplayed them in every department. If they’ll show that much determination through out the season, they’re going to do wonders. Can’t believe what I was watching yesterday. 😀


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