The perfect prank

There’s a girl, with long ombre hair and dark brown eyes. Everyday she goes to the shawarma shop within the vicinity she lives in. Everyday she gives the same order. Everyday she smokes a cigarette while she waits for her food.

One day, she goes to the shawarma shop and as usual, orders the same food. As usual, she smokes a cigarette while she waits for her food.

She sees five kids, not more than 12 year olds, looking at her smoking and they walk around her and start saying “Haram haram”. One kid tries to start a conversation with the girl but fails since he can only speak in Arabic. The girl smiles politely at him and shifts to another place far from where the children are and continues to smoke.

The kids start talking among themselves and she feels they are talking about her cigarette. She can catch the same word “Haram” being said multiple times. She starts feeling a bit uncomfortable and throws the cigarette away.

Soon, the children scatter away. She doesn’t light up another cigarette. She just waits for her food.

Suddenly she feels a weight pulling down on  her, like something has climbed on her back. Almost instantly, she can feel the grip of something on her shoulder and something, possibly a finger nail (or as in this case, a paw-nail) being forced into her back. She realizes it’s a cat.

The cat has not managed to climb up the girl like it would a tree. The cat has been placed on the girl’s back. The cat is literally hanging from the girl’s long ombre hair.

She finally realizes what’s causing the weight on her. She has to literally tear away the cat from her hair, breaking a few of her ombre stands in the process.

She turns around. The kids run away like anything. She doesn’t shout after them. She doesn’t do anything. I’m surprised!

It has been three hours since the incident. She has showered two times since. She still feels as if something is hanging off her head. A small part of her upper back is red and scratched.

She hates cat. She has never ever touched cats in her life. They give her the creeps. I’m sure the little rascals had no clue of her hatred and disgust of cats.

But they still managed to pull the perfect prank on her.

Creepy? Awful? Funny? Hilarious? Can’t stop laughing?

What do u think of their prank?





Your thoughts?

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