Just another honor killing

It’s through my Facebook news feed that I realized that Qandeel Baloch was mudered by her brother. The entire nation is grieving over the death of Qandeel Baloch, quite evident through their numerous status updates and Facebook posts.

So who is Qandeel Baloch anyway?

The word is “social media celebrity”. Whatever that means.

In my opinion, she gained fame because of her so-called controversial acts. Like doing a “strip dance “for Pakistani cricket team.

The most recent on was where she met a Mufti in a hotel room to “learn about Islam” and clever little Qandeel made a video of their rendezvous that went viral.  Now a Mufti is someone who is an expert on Islam and is held in very high regard. However, after this video was viewed by millions, I am sure everyone will think all Muftis are the same and that Islam is a joke. But that’s another debate for another time.

I remember that incident. Not only did it show how weak certain muftis are in their faith, whether by breaking fast because a sexy woman tells them to or not fasting at all and claiming that they didn’t fast because of her, a lot of people painted a more negative picture of Qandeel. They said she was a prostitute (even though it wasn’t a sex video or anything). A prostitute is a word very commonly used to insult women for any reason whatsoever. So, if I was a boy and I asked you out and you said no, I could easily go to my friends and say “She’s a prostitute!” and they’d all agree! Bloody prostitute!

She was killed by her brother recently.

All my friends, who have grown up in Pakistan seem to be taken aback by the incident and can’t stop asking “How can a brother murder his sister?”!!

This coming from the same set of people who said she was a shame to the nation.

Why the change? Why is it that after certain people die, we will start singing their praise and will hail them as a saint only because they are dead now?  Even if they were a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Because we have to be respectful of the dead (more than being respectful to the one alive)? Because we pity them because they are dead? Because we feel bad for judging them when they were alive and the only way to get rid of the guilt is to pity them and say they were saints instead? I don’t know.

So the girl who was once called a prostitute is now being called a brave supporter of human rights. Never was she referred as the latter during the time she was alive.

I am not against mourning her death. Of course not (though there are people who are celebrating her death). It is sad but what surprises me is the way the people of my country are so surprised over her death.

Have they forgotten that just months ago, a mother burned her daughter because she rebelled against her parents and married the love of her life? Yes no man can murder his own sister but if you grew up in a Pakistani society where women have no importance whatsoever and your sister was being called a prostitute, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who might also me next in line, says no woman is safe in Pakistan. Couldn’t agree more.

They will call you names. They will insult you. And when they can’t seem to stop you, they will kill you and people will mourn you for a week and then forget about it. Until they kill the next “brave speaker of women’s rights”.

It’s a brutal, never ending cycle.


2 thoughts on “Just another honor killing

  1. It is mostly going with the flow, everyone calls someone a prostitute, let’s call her a prostitute. She is dead and everyone is shocked, let’s mourn her death.

    Everyone changed their profile pictures for Paris(no offense to the lives lost) but no did that when there is a war in Syria, and almost so many Middle Eastern countries. Idiots everyone


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