Do I really need this?

I really didn’t imagine my life would turn around completely after coming to Qatar. Since I came here, I have turned into this person who actually thinks before spending and refrains from splurging.

To be more precise:


I had been so ungrateful, living at my mom’s place and eating free food. How long did I thought it would last?



How I have made this transition possible:

  • I no longer drool over shoes. Even if they deserve to be bought and strutted in.
  • I have realized that three is a normal number of handbags to own. It rips me off my title for being the Queen of collecting every cute bag in sight. But then I remind myself of the eight handbags I left at home to make space for practical things (like i don’t know..clothes?)


  • I only eat expensive Japanese food once a month unlike my Japanese rendezvous every other week back home.
  • I actually use the mantra “Do I really need this?” before buying anything.


  • I remind myself that I will be skint when I will go to Canada if I don’t start saving soon.

I’m not a miser really. Although I am practicing to be one.


4 thoughts on “Do I really need this?

  1. No more shoes 😩 The joys of being a poor person, eh? I feel your pain! I’m forever saying … “Do I really need this?” And then putting it into my shopping basket anyway!

    But heck, at least you’ve learned a few valuable life lessons. All is not lost. 😊


    1. I have those moments too!
      Shoes here are lovely but every time I put my hands on a nice pair of heels i think how am I going to walk around wearing these?


  2. I didn’t know until now that you are also into shoes. Just that we are very opposite with each other. You see, I was never into shoes until I came here in Doha. And in a year, I’ve got like 12 shoes at the moment. I mean it’s not really too much but yeah, I became a collector of something isn’t really an asset rather a liabilities. In a stressful environment, you really cannot resist in buying stuff as this will be like a soft of comfort for you, let’s say stress reliever. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the rest of your Doha adventure. There’s so much to explore Doha,


    1. I know you like shoes. I see them when you ride the bus with me every morning lol.

      You really do have quite a collection!

      There’s a lot to explore in Doha? Enlighten me pls..


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