Not a Madame, not a lady

When it comes to work ethic, Arabs are not exactly the first people that come to your mind. For some reason in most Arabic countries, they are very laid back. And that’s perfectly acceptable. They are not lazy, it’s just the Arab way.

I will be there at 10’o clock translates to sometime between ten and eleven. Or later.

I will certainly do that translates to I have every intention of doing it but I also might forget.

I work at a far better place now but I can’t help but wonder where some of the people I work with went to study for their hospitality degrees. I mean, I have never actually studied hospitality as a subject but at least I am not the one telling my guests to come back later when I am done counting my cash.

For some people, it is okay to say NO to a guest.

That’s Hospitality 101. THOU SHALL NEVER SAY NO TO A GUEST.

But here it’s okay: If you don’t have something, just say no. There is absolutely no need to go out of your way to satisfy the guest.

And you might actually be thought of as over-efficient if you do.

Nobody has an attitude problem here either. NOBODY.

It is simply the way they talk i.e like they are fighting fucking over goats.

If they are too loud, there’s a possibility they are fighting. But there’s also a possibility that they are just pulling each other’s leg. Whatever happened to being polite?

My pet peeve at work:

BEING CALLED MADAME. Said like: Maaadaaaaammmmme.


All the fucking time.

Maaadaaaammmme, this. Maadaaaammme that. 

It feels like an insult, not only to me but to all the females working at the hotel. As if Madame is actually a code word to prove how incompetent women are at running the hotel business.

And every time they say Madame, I can’t really relate to it. You see, when you say Madame I think of nice ladies, in classy outfits. I think ladies with manners. I think:

I’m not a Madame. I’m not a lady, at all.

This will end. I will turn into a lazy ball, saying no to all my guests, being like all them lazy Madames. Wait and watch…


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