This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

We have come to the point in our lives where everyone who works for a decent enough company has a whatsapp work group.

The group that is “ting-ing” all the time because there is “Oh so much to share”. I wake up to it and I sleep to it. There are people messaging in the group at 4 a.m at night without caring about the rest of us who are NOT doing night shift.

And yes I have tried muting it. Thank god there is a mute option. Doesn’t work though because every thing, every fucking detail, follow up, complain is mentioned on the group and if you are unaware of it you get stared by a couple of judgemental eyes who know you’re mute is AWN.

So today I woke up to another notification from my work group. Someone had posted a semi nude selfie.

You know those moments when you think you look like this:

But the real picture is a teeny bit different?

Yeah it was one of those moments.

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

I know I’m laughing like a hyena but underneath I feel bad for him.

Sending a selfie to the wrong person is one thing. Sending a semi nude selfie to your work group on Whatsapp where all your colleagues get to know you have never seen the inside of a gym? That’s a another level of humiliation only a few can reach.

And what if he had posted a picture of himself in his underwear? What if he had posed like Justin Bieber holding his stuff?

(this was specially cringe worthy for me. For some reason he is still the small teenager singing “Baby, baby, baby oh”. He’s still a child!)

AND what if he had posted a picture bearing actual nudity? The possibilities are endless.

So I start my day today not with a morning coffee but a semi nude selfie from a coworker who isn’t all that anyway?

Can’t imagine how FUN the rest of the day will be.


3 thoughts on “This is why you don’t send nudes over Whatsapp

    1. Trust me he wasn’t all that!

      Lol it is just you. Hahaha. Well he has certainly grownup! I have never liked him though 😁


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