Pieces of old memories

I thought I might add some music to my phone because my playlist is getting a bit repetitive. And so I’m downloading songs and I come across an old song by Westlife.

Now for those of you who are unaware of my first favorite band ever, it was an Irish boy band with five members and I had the hugest crush ever on Kian Egan.

God, he has aged!

It’s been four years or so since I last heard them sing. They are not a cool band really and I never met anyone in Pakistan who actually knew them or liked them. I can’t really describe their music as current and they used to sing ballads too at times so they are that kind of a band.

And then I opened another old song by another Brit band called Busted who recently got back together and went out on tour.

But after playing a few old songs, I felt this immense happiness. Like I was back in Lahore, in the room I used to listen to themLike I was back in Lahore, in the room I used to listen to them. And I could almost feel every feeling I had ever experienced when I used to hear them on my CD player (back when people actually used to buy CDs you know). It was like I was in that room, back in time, back to being a child, able to feel all the sad things, all memories running through my mind like a video on fast forward.

Isn’t it funny how music can almost take you through a emotional journey, make you feel, make you think a certain way, go back in time and be absolutely overwhelmed?

Who was your first favorite band? Do you have certain songs that bring out strong emotions in you?


Westlife singing one of my favorite songs, though no one can beat Sinatra:

A newer version of Meet You There by Busted:



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