I left my shoes in San Francisco

The first thing I bought in Doha were heels.

You’re wondering Doha. Equals desert. Equals a lot of walking. Equals comfortable shoes. Right? Heels are the last thing any sane person will spend on.

But I bought heels. Because I had left every heel I own in Pakistan. Infact, I only bought three shoes with me, one of which I use only at work.

Not left as in forgotten but as in forced to leave because I was carrying too much luggage. And that’s just clothes. And three shoes and three bags in total. Can you imagine the brutality? Ugh.

But it wasn’t my luggage that was over-weight.

My kind-of boss had asked me to carry a small bag of items containing his things along with me. I naturally said yes because a) I am a nice person and b) he is kind of my boss; I couldn’t really refuse. So I said yeah sure, why not?

GOLDEN RULE POUR TRAVELLERS : The next time someone asks you to carry something for them, you say no.

You say:

Oh I wish I could but I am carrying something for my Grandma too.“, even if she’s resting in peace.

Oh I wish I could help but I will be carrying an elephant with me and I have absolutely no space.

You say anything to get the fuck out of that situation.

Don’t carry anything for anyone. Period.

The small bag seemed pretty large and heavy. I peeked inside to see:

  1. Six shirts
  2. Two shoes one of which belonged to Big Foot
  3. Six heavily starched Bermudas that were impossible to fold

A shaver. With the accessories, the works. A whole fucking square box.

I am surprised he didn’t ask me to bring his fucking car along with me to Doha.

Not wanting to pay extra charges for over weight luggage, I took all but three of my shoes out. I had no other choice. I had to leave my fashion at home.

And though I can easily walk the streets of Doha in my red walking shoes, I can’t really strut. I like how heels can change your posture, the entire look of the outfit. I think for me it gives me a bit of confidence. I hold my head high and strut.

So the first thing I bought was them heels.

Actually, it’s a wedge heel to be precise but there was no way I could resist the cream, lace texture of that shoe.

So what is your guilty pleasure while shopping? Do you have a certain dress/accessory/shoe that makes you feel different/you wear to special occasions?

Your thoughts?

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