So Doha, yeah?

Hello. From Doha. Finalement.

I promised myself I’d write something nice about Doha once I got here. It has taken me three weeks to fulfill that promise but hey, I’m here!

I wanted to write on here about Doha but I guess that would make it more of a life in Doha blog and that’s not really my style. But I am still going to rant.

Contrary to my original skepticism about this place, I have realized that it is small but wonderful. I find it very serene, something I craved but couldn’t imagine finding in an over populated place like Karachi.

The place I work at is just overlooking the sea. Sometimes after work I like walking by the Corniche or sitting on the boundaries built near the Museum of Islamic Art. That’s my favorite place in Doha so far. I find it overwhelmingly calm. I never thought I would say this but sometimes it’s okay to just sit and take in the nature around you.

There’s also a Souq nearby which basically a part of the oldest places in Qatar with a wide variety of restaurants and souvenir shops. I like how everything there is very old fashioned, keeping with the culture of the place.

Oh and I managed to find a place that serves unlimited tuna sashimi. I am definitely in heaven now. Even though that wasn’t the particular day that they’d serve sashimi and I settled for a bento box with salmon, just the thought unlimited sashimi in half the price I used to pay in Pakistan made me want to die with happiness.


So far I have been to two malls and splurged on only ONE shoe. So I guess that’s acceptable and hopefully I will not be skint before my next salary.


And I write about why I left my heels in San Francisco.

There is still a long list of things to do:

  • See this great museum built by the Japanese guy everyone is raving about
  • Buy a skirt because ain’t nobody can wear jeans in this weather
  • Eat local food and then write about how great/awful it was
  • Go see the Katara village
  • Save enough to shop for nice things

For now, that’s it. Will write soon!

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