Something that matters

When I think of things I learned at school, I get a hazy memory of Pythagoras theorem, various physics formulas, laws and experiments and hurried essays written in English classes.
But really, apart from that, what did i learn at school that i still use today? What did you learn?
I have only been schooled in Pakistan so I have nothing to compare my experience with. But I feel that I have never learned anything during my time at school. Nothing that mattered anyway.
I think that’s sad. I look at all these kids with their heavy bags, eagerly going to school only to be conventionalised into traditional studies and ways of learning. My brother is eight years younger and he still reads all the same books that I did. Is he really learning anything at all? Are they aiding him to be a better version of himself? Or is it purely the grades they are interested in? All schools, no matter how expensive or affordable follow the same route of focusing on results rather than the person.
It was only in college when I took up sociology, although quite by accident, did I really start learning. I was being taught something that didn’t only help me during my college but something I could use later in life.
What do we teach our kids in school? What should we teach them instead of what we are teaching them? Maybe a bit of Socrates? Maybe a bit of Franz Kafka or would that be too dark for them? Music to soothe their souls. Something about honesty. A lot about humanity. Teach them to be kind, considerate, table manners and respect. 
Did I miss something? 
I don’t know why I brought this up but I felt so strongly about it that I really wanted to share it and read what y’all had to say about this.


3 thoughts on “Something that matters

  1. Somethings are lame to study. I find one of my papers lame, I hated learning and reading. Till I opened this blog, till I read novels and biographies.

    Somehow I was able to connect the dots between what I learned in school and what I am learning now. Maybe that is the key: to learn how to apply book knowledge to real life which is missing in educations


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