Thomas Shelby, a Peaky Blinder

I like actors who can play negative roles and pull it off with conviction. Everyone can play nice roles and be lauded. Everyone can play a prince and be liked by everyone. But it takes great acting skills to play a negative character and still leave a mark on people.

Like The Joker. Or Hannibal.

Or like Thomas Shelby.

I have seen both the seasons and I can’t contain my excitement for the third. The show is the best I have seen in a while. Not only is the cast an absolute bunch of dynamic actors but the writing is superb. And you know me, I love talky shows. Together with great cinematography by George Steel, this is one show I urge you to see.

It’s written by Steven Knight, set in the 1920s, after World War 1. Thomas was in the war, along with his brothers, and the war has shaped them into a product of PTSD.

Of all the characters, I like Thomas’s the best. It is an interesting mix of contradictions. It’s played by Cillian Murphy, someone who I never would have thought of in a role like this. And he plays it well.

There’s an absolutely gorgeous female lead, portrayed by Annabelle Wallis:

And yes, who can forget Helen McCrory?

It’s a Brit show but it’s on Netflix now so all of you who can should watch it. I promise you’ll forget all the other shows after you have seen this one.


9 thoughts on “Thomas Shelby, a Peaky Blinder

  1. Okay which show is this? Also since you know Joker you must also know that this guy played villain in first batman movie. And he was good, I don’t recall his other villainous portrayals but he is good.

    I honestly think being a villain is relatively easy. I wanna kill people everyday


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