The Dating Game

I am on season 3 of Sex and The City and I had an epiphany: I didn’t quite like the show.

I had never seen the show before this. I remember having HBO at home, but I don’t remember the show being played. Probably because the content is too much for the people of Pakistan, thought our government. Since all of us are just a bunch of asexual, completely ripped of any desire of sex.

There was a hype about the show, there always was. It was so popular among women that I was compelled to watch it. And now that I have, I am fairly disappointed.

What was so great about it?

Four bachelorettes trying to figure out the city and boys and sex and the dating game. Isn’t that everyone of us with our girlfriends?

Is the show relateable? Yes. Is that appealing? Not really.

And what really ticked me off is these rules and regulations about dating, relationships and sex.

And it’s not just the show, the show is a small part of the media and our surroundings. All these posts and magazine about do’s and don’ts of dating and sex and relationships. Isn’t that a bit too much?

How many days to wait before calling a guy? Does first date equal first base? What to say and what not to say to guys to make them fall for you? How many dates before you finally go to bed with them? How soon is too soon to fall in love or to move in? Why are guys so afraid of commitment? Why are girls so needy? And on and on..

What bothers me is that we actually take these rules seriously. We use them in our lives religiously. Why? Who made these rules? What theories are they based on?

And if you’re dating someone, does it really have to be that complicated? Does it really have to be a game? Shouldn’t the relationship (oh, am I allowed to say relationship, or are you scared?) be based on instincts and things you naturally feel? Emotions or feelings of affections rather than some rules that have no basis whatsoever?

It’s a dating “game”, alright.

And don’t even get me started on the “I’m afraid of commitment” bullshit.

Oh and people who say ” I have problems with saying I love you”..

Because it’s so cool if you can’t say I love you to the people you love. That’s the in thing nowadays.

Where is the love, the passion, or the concern?  Is this what our love/sex lives have become? To be dictated by a set of rules randomly set by people?


One thought on “The Dating Game

  1. This is so true! We waste so much of our time waiting for the other person to make a move or the other person is waiting for us, because we are trying to do what’s “normal”, that we miss out on opportunities and lose some relationships by not taking chances or doing what we feel. It shouldn’t be about following rules, but about what comes naturally and what you feel comfortable with. And if someone is too scared of commitment or of saying I love you, then they’re obviously not worth your time.
    P.S. You changed the name of your blog! :O


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