Hey you, future hotelier!

Dear you,

You. You there who wants to pursue a career in hospitality!

I know what you’re thinking.

You’ll complete your degree and land a job in a five-star hotel and everything would be hunky dory. Your guests would adore you and sing your praises. Your boss will love you and grant you extra holidays. You’ll get a fancy salary and be able to afford that car you had always wanted. And you’d always have a home to go to.

Let me tell you this.

That’s bullshit.

That’s never gonna happen. Initially you’ll be full of energy and naturally would want to take up every task your senior asks you to. By a few weeks, that energy would have been consumed by guests who nag you to life and co-workers who are the real life serpents from the Adam and Eve story. And your boss? Whom you used to look up to as THE inspiration? He would become a tick who would continuously suck your blood, feeding on your energy.

And they will call you when you’re not at work. They’ll wake you up at eight when you’re working the afternoon shift and they’ll bother you when you’re out with your friends. So you would be working, even when you’re not.

And don’t be delusional! You won’t be paid over time for that!

And you would dream about the hotel and guests and work followups. ALL THE TIME.

And your boss will ask you for your ID because he’s too lazy to get his fixed. And then he’ll yell at you for no reason, because that’s how he “jokes” with people.

And holidays? Honey, you’re lucky if you get your designated offs.

And there will be days you would want to make all these people stand in one line and shoot them with an AK-47.



If after all this, you’ll still want to go to get that appreciation from that one guest who prefers you over all the others. You’ll still want to go because your G.M thinks highly of you and no matter what your immediate boss says or how big of an ass he is, you know it’s the G.M’s words and vision that matters the most. You go because you love what you do and you will continue to do so. You go because you love the tension, the stress and the adrenaline rush.

You go to work because you’re a hotelier inside and out. So it’s not going to be an easy journey…but hang in there. You’ll find your way.


5 thoughts on “Hey you, future hotelier!

  1. Hi Zareen, so long since I have been here. We are in the same career path (currently). Hospitality and interacting with fussy customers is just plain hard. I don’t know if its worth it for me.


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