I successfully predicted this year’s Oscars. Well, three of them at least. Made me feel immensely proud, like Now they owe me an Oscar too.

But the Osars isn’t what I want to talk of tonight. Ms. Sharmeen Obai Chinoy from Pakistan was nominated for for the best short documentary and managed to win again, like last year.
Generally, receiving these gold trophies is a symbol of appreciation. You never get an oscar for bad acting or a poorly directed movie do you? Oscar worthy can only have a positive meaning. 
So why is there so much chaos over her winning an award?

 There is a considerable amount of people in Pakistan (men and women alike) are actually offended, the reservation being that she does not deserve one because her documentaries paint Pakistan in a bad picture. But won’t portraying it as a liberal state will be a big fat lie? Lest we forget, this is the same country where Salman Taseer, allegedly accused of blasphemousy, was killed by his gunman and where the gunman earned respect and awe of the entire nation.
Let’s face it, Pakistan is no paradise. Pakistan has serious problems like all other third world country. There are some fucked up laws that need to be changed and are on their way to being changed. The general image of the country is that of a conservative one and yes, of course all people are not like that but the majority are.
Moreover, the documentary does not say that all Pakistani men are acid throwers or animals or cruel. Even if it did, it would be a timid assumption to make. 
Like this radio guy yesterday who although praised Ms. Chinoy for digitalising historic books, opposed the negative image of men portrayed by the documentary. 

Dude you’re totally missing the point
. These events actually happened in Pakistan. And no there were not a few cases, it was a lot of cases. If anything, she was just highlighting one of the issues of our country. I don’t think she intend to make all the men look bad and for someone to assume that all Pakistani men are  crazy acid throwers, wife beaters is akin to assuming all Pakistani men to be terrorists.
It amazes me how people refuse to accept that there is anything wrong with Pakistan. I mean, our society has a fucking long way to go in every field. Why do people pretend there’s nothing wrong with Pakistan? That it’s all hunky-dory?
To all the haters of Ms. Chinoy, let me just say this: For a country that is KNOWN for terrorists and Taliban and what not, it isn’t the worst idea for our country’s name to be associated with an Oscar.


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