Oscar nomination: ME

I see all these Oscar nominations and what not and it makes me think what really makes all these movies eligible for awards when there are so many people out there who deserve an award for the work that they do?

I am not talking about Abdul Sattar Edhi.

I’m talking about people like me: Hoteliers. We deserved an award, an Oscar or at least an Academy for the bullshit we put up with every days of our lives. And that too, with a smile on our face. If that type of acting is not recognized to be award worthy, I don’t know what is.

A bit too much but kind of appropriate

This year has been memorable. Not because of the beautiful memories I have made with my loved ones but because of the weirdest guests we have gotten this year. I mean, really, there should be a reality tv show about this kind of nonsense.

There’s one who is staying here on a complimentary booking and still wants a complimentary massage. Jeez, it’s Christmas, shell out money from that wallet, will ya?

There’s this huge family who are having a huge wedding and have managed to occupy all our best rooms in the hotel. And are still demanding for suites and upgrades and what not. All of course, for free.

Since we are running a charity and not a fucking business.

You know, these people have some balls to ask for giant favors. Because they have blessed us with the undeniable privilege of choosing to stay with us. I am surprised they are not asking for our souls.


There’s another psychotic lady who was talking about how she might check out one room and keep the other two. There were no definite plans made. She said she might. And she shows up two days later refusing to pay for two nights, citing this random conversation with me as proof that she was checking out her room.

Maybe she checked out the room in her head.

I mean, have you ever fucking stayed at a hotel? Why can’t you be normal and check out like every other person?

And don’t get me started on free upgrades. It’s a site, seeing all my new staff falling prey to these free-upgrade-hoggers.

“We know your owners.”

Congratulations. So do we. TOAST?

I have met nice guests. You know, people who know that saying thank you and nice is not a part of the job of people working behind the desk, it’s just good manners.

Ah, this year has been really memorable….



22 thoughts on “Oscar nomination: ME

  1. LMAO! This is hysterical. Not that I wish the headaches and drama on you but I can completely picture these assholes demanding for stuff. It’s amazing how people reduce themselves to such antics when they think they are doing you a favor. You’re right, it ain’t a charity! Lol!

    Great gif at the end, btw! Xo


      1. Things have been a bit ‘cray cray’ over here… I took 4 months off from the blogging world, but I am now back! *happy dance* I’m hoping 2016 will be a better year, if I’m honest… 2015 wasn’t all that.

        How have you been? What’s new? Tell me all …. *Waits in anticipation*


        1. 4 months? Really?! Why hun?
          Yep I’m hoping this year will be better too!
          I don’t know how this year will go though. David bowie died in the very start, how do u think this year will go..:(

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I know, I know… I was mostly being a hermit and hibernating, but also building my new website. Check it out : http://www.insidethelifeofmoi.com. I was brave and went self-hosted! Going up in the world, or something like that. Haha. I still suck at all things technical 😕

            I’ll be sharing my shenanigans later when I post an update on what’s been happening 😭

            It’s too long to explain here… I would seriously be here all day. I have high hopes for 2016 – despite a shaky start and the devastating news that David Bowie had died. Not a great start, but he will always live on through his music 💫


              1. Aw, thank you, Zareen. I swear, it almost finished me… I wasn’t born to be a web designer – put it that way! There were many bumps in the road 😁 but I got there in the end, and the place doesn’t look too shabby. 🏡

                And I agree (not being bias or anything) but British music beats the ass of US music! Our influences marked the way for bands of today! *British and proud moment*


                1. This reminds me of the time I was setting up the blog. I would try everything, every option, every theme and still be so freaking indecisive about everything!

                  Hahaha I agree completely! Brit music is ❤️

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