C’est la vie!

Today was such a good day, I’m still on a high.

No, no drugs (this time), just a really good day at work. I feel empowered.

Also, my boss was sick today, so he went home almost as soon as he came in.

“What’s wrong with him?”, I asked but knew already. He’d been varminting. What is it with him and with these vomits? I mean, really. He’s never had food poisoning. Or a drug overdose. Or dehydration. It’s always varminting. I would assume he is pregnant but I don’t think his wife is into him. At all. Or maybe he’s getting it someplace else. I don’t know. But who would want him and his twitching shoulders?

That left me in charge. Me. Eeeee! So I was in charge and there were no major complains.

Except that accidental check in to the wrong room. Yeah, that was stupid.

And this other lady who demanded straight away that her room should be on the executive floor, no less!

Oh excuse me, I didn’t know you could just come in and demand your room.

I upgraded her even though she was paying absolutely nothing. She started going all gorilla on me, talking about how the size was too small, the bed was not good…

I’m sorry, I do LOVE my guests, but I know an in genuine complain when I see one.

I like to think I’m doing really well at my job. I’m starting to make the guests listen to me for a change. I mean, I give ’em what they want…but now I’m more assertive, you know?

Also, I have to brush upon my French. My stepdad wants me to be so good that the next time Francois Hollande makes a speech, he asks me to proofread it.

I miss Alliance.

I didn’t miss it so much when I saw that the prices had gone up. Super duper up.

C’est tres difficile! But what to do? C’est la vie.

P.S I felt so shitty saying that. That’s one of the only phrases I can parlez. FML.


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