Shave It Off!

I’m gonna say something on the risk of losing a large amount of followers and getting a lot of judgmental looks.



I hate it. I hate it. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it so much. I always cut myself. And my legs go all Sahara Desert on me unless I bathe them in Nivea Lotion.

Like, why are women even born with hair on our body parts other than our heads? What was wrong with the angels who were in charge of designing women and their bodies? Were they so high on pot that they thought giving us hair every where was actually a good idea?

Hmm, lets give them hair on every body part, so they spend every freaking penny they earn in shaving creams, waxing strips and laser treatments”. 

I think all those angels were jealous, ego-istic males who did this because let’s face it; we are waaaay prettier than them.


And why even have hair on our body in the first place when society is forcing us to shave them off by showing us all those Veet commercials?

I hate them commercials. They always show a girl with already shaved legs, shaving her legs. Sorry, but you convinced NO ONE.


I hate shaving. More than anything. And since it’s summer here all year, you can forget about skipping it.

I think if God approved of this genius plan, maybe He should have programmed men in a way to not be repulsed by women’s body hair. But no such luck. They never let you live it down.They get so judgmental on you when you don’t shave your ‘tache or have hairy arms.

Remember that one time I went down on you babe? Yeah,  I nearly choked because I got a tiny hair in my mouth.

I can guarantee you, most girls would never say that to a guy, even if they have to struggle through a giant bush down there.

And for the record, no amount of Google search or chit chat with friends will tell you which shaving method is best for you. Shaving creams make your skin dry like the Sahara. Razors are way risky, specially for  clutz like moi. I read somewhere that waxing is effective but it actually causes tears on your skin and makes it lose. Lasers? Yes. *Looks at wallet* Um, no.


No shaving/waxing method is good enough. If it was, we’d never have ingrown hair. We wouldn’t ever need those creams or use our razors only once every few months.

But no, you have to do it every bloody week.


P.S Don’t mind me. And to all the men, yes, I’m definitely PMSing.

What part do you hate shaving? Do you even hate it ? Are you going to un follow me?


Zareen Naqvi


25 thoughts on “Shave It Off!

    1. Omg. I absolutely forgot there are some boys who are going to be reading this. Shit.
      Just so we are clear, I hate shaving but these are the only norms that I conform to.
      Thanks for reading!!

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        1. About your hair, you mean 😉
          I do, don’t I? I say things as soon as they come in my mind and then I’m like oops. It’s a problem. I’m working on it.

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  1. I’m on the same page! Shaving is awful! Thankfully I live in Minnesota which is cold so I’m covered up all year round = minimal shaving! 😀 And the bear meme nearly killed me 😀

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    1. It is isn’t it? Oh, lucky you I’m so jealous.
      I was googling something and the bear thing came on and I knew I just had to put it!
      Thanks for reading, Adi!



    Which is why post separation – while most women are getting their boobs done – I decided to get full on laser hair removal on my bikini area, underarms and legs! Hell yes! TOTALLY worth the money and investment. Just one session has made a tremendous difference!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG. I need to get that done too. Never having to shave again? Seems like such a dream.
      P.S It pisses me off when the man I am sleeping with has less hair than me. That’s like a major insult!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lmao! A man with less hair is certainly an insult! And just not fair.

        And seriously… Laser hair removal really does equal a dream. I’d rather this than lipo or a fake boobs any day. Lol!


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