50 Shades Of Pink

I have recently taken a strong liking to pink lipsticks. They are all I think about and I am obsessed with buying this perfect shade of pink. Perfect shade of pink that exists only in my mind because I can not get it anywhere. Anywhere at all.

My need is simple: a pink lipstick that is strong but not over bearing, where you don’t have to squint to make sure whether it’s a darker shade of purple or a lighter shade of red. Is that really too hard?

pink 1


This is what I want. And I can’t seem to get it anywhere. What is then, the point of beaucoup des beauty stores at every corner?

I have been to five of them. FIVE. That’s too much. Not for me, for anyone at all. Every time, I’m greeted by a girl in a uniform who politely offers to assist me.


It’s so hard to say this to them, specially because they have no control over the situation but I feel like I’m gonna lose my shit one of these days. And how can you possibly choose from the 5000 shades of pink there are?

too many


There is a pink. Then, there’s one that is a bit lighter. Then, the one that is even more lighter. But then there is also a shade between this range. It’s crazy. C’est bizzare!

I get confused. I get confused looking at all these numerous shades of pink and I get lost in their beauty and I forget what kind of color I want.

I did manage to buy two of them, though. I tried it on my writs and I thought maybe it was the one. When I came home and tried it, it was different. More darker. It’s called Pomegranate for a reason. I should have guessed.

Also, no matter how many times you try the tester on your wrist, the color of the lipstick will always be different when applied to lips.

arms lipstick


Then, I went again, bought a new one. This was pink. For sure. The same thing that I wanted. I bought it within five minutes of stepping into the store.

I got home to realize that it wasn’t. It’s different when you look at it but when I apply it, I can’t tell the difference. FML.

Maybe the beauty stores have different lightening. Maybe they trap you into a trance the moment you step in. Maybe I’m too amazed and bedazzled by the beauty of make up products.

Or maybe I should just get a new bulb for my room.


Zareen Naqvi

10 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Pink

      1. Hiii! Yeah! You’ve been doing great on your blog. Congrats! I’ve been busy for a while. I’ve been only able to blog on the weekends but summer’s about to come in a month and then I’m done with first year of med school! I hope.

        How about you?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww thank you!

          I know it can be hard to blog with school and stuff. And specially med school! Hope you’re not losing your head! Loads of hugs and good luck for your studies!

          I have been good, things are looking up and life is better 🙂


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